Wake up happy ☀️

Change is hard. A study conducted by Phillippa Lalley suggested that “the time it took participants to reach 95% of their asymptote of automaticity ranged from 18 to 254 days; indicating considerable variation in how long it takes people to reach their limit of automaticity and highlighting that it can take a very long time.” Sounds a little discouraging doesn’t it? But there’s good news. It means that all those times you tried to get in a good habit or get out of a bad habit, and you just didn’t quite make the mark, maybe that particular habit just needed a little extra love and is still an attainable goal. As a yoga practitioner and wellness advocate, I firmly believe in the power of the mind. Creating positive associations to reinforce your new habit may help you to turn a new leaf.

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The Perfect Recipe 🌱

There is not a single recipe that I can manage to follow to the T. I typically find a recipe that sounds amazing and somehow always manage to have missing ingredients. Whether I forgot an ingredient at the store, an ingredient is absolutely impossible to find at the store, or I simply don’t want to go to the store. Although I might be missing out on a great recipe, I end up with something just as good and sometimes these kinda mickey moused recipes become some of our family favorites.

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About Yoga

Yoga and I go way back. My mom worked as a fitness instructor at our local gym when aerobics and kickboxing were all the rage. When we were little we would go with her and play with all the other instructors kids in daycare, but once we were old enough we would take my mom’s classes or other classes that seemed cool. One day my best friend Nikki (who’s mom was also an instructor) and I decided to try the yoga class. The class started out with the traditional yogic mantra “OM”. We were only about 12 years old at the time and the chanting went on for what seems like forever! We finally burst out laughing!

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About Me

I grew to have a passion for the arts at an early age. My sketchbooks filled mostly with drawings of portraits and hands. I admired the works of Leonardo DaVinci as a young girl, finding his anatomical art fascinating. To this day one of my favorite book series ins that of an anatomical artist, Dr. Ray Long.

I developed an interest in physical fitness as my mother was a fitness instructor herself and my father an avid runner. Some of my most cherished memories are practicing my mom’s upcoming exercise routine in the kitchen or going jogging with my dad. My interest in physical fitness eventually led to her interest in physical therapy.

In 2014, I completed a 100-hour yoga teacher training kinesiology course that confirmed my love for proper body mechanics and alignment, as well as my desire become a certified yoga instructor. In 2017, I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training certification. I now have my RYT 200 and has been teaching since January 2018.

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