Get-Well-Soon Tea 🍋

Whenever I start to feel a little “under the weather” I always look forward to making my get-well-soon apple lemon spice tea. It only takes about 15 minutes and it always seems to slow whatever inflammatory process that might be a brewin’. The get-well-soon spices are known to aide in the reduction of  inflammation.

While there have been many times this “sick tea” has seemed to stop those nasty sick bugs in their tracks, there are some things that a few spices simply cannot cure. Whether you’re working to fight inflammation to avoid getting sick or you’re just looking to feel a little better after that nasty little bug has already set up camp, this is the perfect tea to make you feel a little better, a little sooner.

get-well-soon apple lemon spice tea:

1-2 quarts of water. Depending on how much tea you would like to make and how concentrated you would like the tea to be.
2 red apples per quart. Any red apple will do. I personally like honey crisp, but sometimes they are a little pricey. Learn more about apples.
1 lemons per quart +1 lemon to set aside. Learn more about the potential health benefits of lemons.
1 bunch of mint leaves per quart.
1 piece of ginger. Approx. 1 inch cube per quart to taste.

get-well-soon spices:

cinnamon sticks per quart.
12 whole cloves per quart.
½ teaspoon cardamom per quart.
½ teaspoon turmeric per quart.
Combine all ingredients into a large pot and simmer for 10-15 minutes.
Pour over 1 tablespoon of manuka honey.
Top with 1 slice of lemon

Enjoy! 😊

A few of my favorite things
Melora Manuka HoneySimply Organic Cinnamon SticksSimply Organic Whole ClovesSimply Organic TumericSimply Organic Cardamom
A little research

Green cardamom reduces inflammationMelatonin and tumeric ameliorate aging-induced changesChronic disease, inflammation, and spices

Disclaimer: The information provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. While some of these ingredients may have correlating health benefits, it is important to know any possible contraindications. The research articles provided are not representative of all available research on this topic.
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