The Perfect Recipe 🌱

There is not a single recipe that I can manage to follow to the T. I typically find a recipe that sounds amazing and somehow always manage to have missing ingredients. Whether I forgot an ingredient at the store, an ingredient is absolutely impossible to find at the store, or I simply don’t want to go to the store. Although I might be missing out on a great recipe, I end up with something just as good and sometimes these kinda mickey moused recipes become some of our family favorites.

Our diet doesn’t help much either. No pork, beef, chicken, eggs, or dairy also means that we have to tweak almost every recipe that we get excited about. Which means we have worked out the kinks when it comes to egg and dairy substitutes by now. The most common egg substitutes are tofu and apple sauce. Having a primarily plant based diet makes it challenging to avoid soy products, so we try to avoid soy as much as possible and prefer not to use tofu. Apple sauce works quite well, but our go-to personal favorite is ground chia seeds + water. Chia seed are so easy to keep on hand whereas apple sauce not so much, and not a whole lot of planning is required if you just want to make a quick batch of cookies. I also enjoy the texture of the chia seeds if they are not too finely ground, but that is just personal preference.

1 tbs chia seeds (ground to preference)
3 tbs of water
Combine and let stand until gel-like

On occasion we follow a recipe to the T, but when you’re working with fresh home made foods, there is always going to be some variation. Maybe the lemons aren’t as tart this time around, or the basil isn’t as robust. It can be easy to get caught up in the idea of the perfect recipe, but even a recipe done the same way twice isn’t the same dish you made the first time around. Have fun, explore, experiment. The perfect dish is a reflection of the love and joy that went into not only each ingredient, but each moment. That is the perfect recipe.

a few of my favorite things

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