About Yoga

Yoga and I go way back. My mom worked as a fitness instructor at our local gym when aerobics and kickboxing were all the rage. When we were little we would go with her and play with all the other instructors kids in daycare, but once we were old enough we would take my mom’s classes or other classes that seemed cool. One day my best friend Nikki (who’s mom was also an instructor) and I decided to try the yoga class. The class started out with the traditional yogic mantra “OM”. We were only about 12 years old at the time and the chanting went on for what seems like forever! We finally burst out laughing!

Needless to say we were kicked out of the class. Understandably so. People were trying to yoga! So I determined that yoga wasn’t for me, right then and there. But I still couldn’t stop thinking about it. I didn’t understand what you did in a yoga class, what was it? I would spend hours in my bedroom playing the Lion King soundtrack, which seemed like prefect yoga music at the age of 12, and I would make up yoga poses with names like “grasshopper” and “monkey” and obviously “lion”, trying to make sense of it all. However, that interest eventually faded and fast forward several years I found myself not practicing yoga. I was determined that because I laughed that one time I took a yoga class, that yoga simply wasn’t for me.

I was working in a physical therapy office as a physical therapist aide, with the intention of pursuing physical therapy as a career. There was a physical therapist assistant that I particularly got along with that invited me to go to yoga with her at least once a week, but I always declined as a subconsciously reminisced about that one yoga class. Finally I set my fears aside and decided to accept her invitation. Little did I know, that next yoga class would change the course of my life entirely.

I first fell in love with the physical side of yoga. My work as a physical therapist aide perfectly complimented my interest in yoga and vice versa. I was emerged in this study of the human body and I was fascinated. I continued my studies in biology, primarily focused in anatomy and physiology when I decided to enroll in a 100 hour yoga teacher training kinesiology course that was being offered at my school that confirmed my love for proper body mechanics and alignment, as well as my desire become a certified yoga instructor. A few years later I completed my yoga teaching training certification. I started teaching  soon after that and I have loved every moment.

Sometime we need to remind ourselves to take those moments of opportunity and set aside our fears, because it may just change the course of our lives entirely.

a few of my favorite things

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